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Home made cream cheese [clean,  gluten free, banting, raw, unpasteurised]  

Raw milk gone sour? Don’t throw it out just yet.

Place 2 litres of raw unpasteurised milk that has gone sour, into a Mason jar. Leave it to stand at room temperature till it becomes clumpy. 

Secure cheese cloth onto a container with elastic bands then pour the mixture. Allow it to drip through the cheese cloth for 8 hours. You can flavour the cheese with various things: chopped olives, Strawberries, chopped pistachios and honey or simply enjoy it plain 🙂



Thinker, feeler, Writer and aspiring healer. I am a slave to comfort and bliss, and believe that our dreams are our soft pillows when the world is too harsh. I sleigh dragons in my sleep and fight battles when I am awake. I believe in the power that resides in every human being and that if we just empower and strengthen eachother - we can build powerful nations of phenomenal people. Life is Amazing. Let's commit to it. :)

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