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Low Carb “Potato Salad” with Creamy Yoghurt and Fennel Dressing [Gluten-free, banting-friendly, low carb, lchf]

A really great addition to a braai/bbq, this is a twist on the traditional potato salad but using cleaner ingredients and carries less carbs.


4 Small sweet potatoes or 2 large sweet potatoes

0.5 cup water


2 Tablespoons thick cream

3 Tablespoons double cream thick yoghurt

2 Tablespoons finely chopped fennel

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

Juice of half a medium lemon

1 tablespoon grated onion

1 teaspoon ginger powder or ground ginger


15 Minutes to steam

5 Minutes to mix

Total: 20 Minutes

Place the sweet potato into a pot with the water then steam until tender but firm. Remove from the stove then mix in a bowl with the cream.

In a separate bowl: Mix the yoghurt with the rest of the ingredients. Then pour over the sweet potato and mix well.

Bon apetit!

sweet potato salad with creamy yoghurt and fennel dressing
sweet potato salad with creamy yoghurt and fennel dressing




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